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Millennials… The Musical?

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I was born a Gen X’r but was close enough to ride the fence between that generation and the Millenials. I came across this on youtube last week and thought is was absolutely HILARIOUS!! ┬áKudos to Lin-Manuel and “The Rock”.


Merry Christmas 2016

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Merry Christmas! Here we are again. Another year gone by and so many things have happened. So many in fact that we are running late on getting this posted. But, Christmas is still a few days away, so here you go! This year we will be giving to Preemptive Love again instead of paying for printing. Currently they are doing amazing work in Aleppo with all that’s going on there, helping so many people. Please visit their website and read about all the ways they are impacting their world in…read more


Locker Room Talk

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I am not one to quickly jump into political conversations, but this election cycle has twisted my gears a little quite a bit more than usual. Specifically one candidate and the manner in which they communicate with people. I’m pretty sure you can guess by the title of this post that I’m referencing Donald J Trump. I will preface this with the statement that I have never been a Trump fan. I never liked The Apprentice. I never like the way he presented himself or spoke to people then and…read more

Healthy Living = Healthy Leading

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I seem to circle back to a post regarding health every so often. Probably because I am not getting any younger and the topic does not just go away. Also, like most of you, I start getting healthier with the best of intentions by eating better food and exercising only to find myself right back in the same old rut.