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Successful People

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This post by Chloe Chong over at Lifehack really stuck out to me today. Over the past 5 years, I felt like this was me. In order to get ahead and be on top of my game at work I had to work on the weekends. Email, business development, documentation, proposals, etc. Looking back, I’m pretty certain that it was a combination of poor time management and perception of doing more. Not that I wanted other people to perceive that I was doing more, but my own skewed perception that it took more time…read more

Lunch Lesson

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That is the note Mrs. King left me today in my lunch box. I know, I know… I’m a grown man with a lunch box, but budgets, ya know? But back to that note. I open my lunch today and there it is. As beautiful as if I was looking directly into her face. It’s her on a Post-It. The handwriting. The heart. All of it is her and I feel special. Here’s why. She doesn’t have to do this. I would dare to say she doesn’t have the time…read more

What The NFL Taught Me About Life

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Sports and athletics have a lot to teach us that is applicable in everyday life. I certainly learned a great deal through my experience. My time spent playing football and specifically offensive line has left me with 5 keys that have transferred into my career after football. I think you can apply these to any work or situation. They have certainly been true in the sales and now training worlds for me.

This Is Me

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A friend sent me this video today and it made me laugh! We love the Holderness family and their videos but this one especially.