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We are the Kings from Central IL. We are a family of 8 made up of 1 working husband, 1 incredibly patient wife, 6 loud, adorable, messy, wonderful children, 2 cats and 1 dog, oh and 5 ducks. The days are long and the nights are short but we find the strength to live life to the fullest each moment. If you’ve come here to read about a perfect family in a perfect home, then you won’t want to stick around. We are far from perfect but we know a Savior who is.

We are raising our children to know God and His grace. We worship as a family and we teach at home. Homeschooling 6 kids so close in age can be tricky; just ask Mrs. King. Her day is consumed with  managing our home and teaching our kids. We’ve invested a lot of time over the last [almost] 13 years preparing for and building up our family of 2 boys and 4 girls, ages: 11, 9, 7, 5, 3 and 2. Our family continues to grow and that door is not closed yet. We’ll just wait and see when it opens again and who will be on the other side! Are we crazy?! YES! Our house is always busy and ALWAYS messy, then picked up, then messy again and picked up AGAIN and on and on it goes. We love each other a whole heck of a lot and we also practice forgiveness A LOT – with 6 kids, conflict resolution is our specialty, ha ha ha.  The house is loud!! Okay, WE are loud, but we can be quiet… sometimes. Mostly we love the Lord, we love each other, we love to laugh and we are daily learning how to love others more than ourselves.

We want to share our life. The ups and downs. The great and the not so great. We want to give you an honest look at what it’s like to raise a family like ours. So stick around and see where God takes us next. Life is an adventure and we are trusting God as our guide. This is the road less traveled and it gets bumpy at times, even treacherous; but we have faith that we will make it through to the end.

Grace and peace,

Mr. & Mrs. King

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