could this be the end?

The van died again.
Kristie was driving it on Sunday and it just died. She was able to pull it into a driveway where no one lived and then I had to go back and push it into a Target parking lot. There she sits.
The oil pressure light is lit up but the oil level is fine. On Sunday, it started and chugged out for a second. Yesterday it wouldn’t even start. It’s trying,but no luck. Looks like I’m getting it towed today. Hopefully the place I’ve been recommended to is reputible and not expensive. We’ll see.
I did find a nice used Honda Odyssey with low mileage that could be an option. That sure would be nice.

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  1. Sounds like what happened last time Andy. Maybe it’s the fuel filter! But then again, maybe not. Didn’t help much the last time. Sorry. I’m not very good at auto mechanics. I spent several hundred trying to fix an old truck one time. I changed a lot of parts before giving up and taking it to a mechanic. I told him about all of the parts I had changed. He looked at it, scratched his head, changed a ten-cent fuse and sent me on my way. Didn’t even charge me. I was not amused, but I am sure he was.

    Hi Gail.
    What does it mean? It means your A/C ain’t workin’ in your van and truck girl!
    Remember the good old days when cars didn’t have air-conditioning? Oh man! You now have VAC (variable air capacity). The variances are innumerable. Some examples are; 120, 240, 480 etc. They vary depending on speed and amount of windows in your automobile. The 120 would be one window down at 20 MPH. The 240 is two windows down at 40MPH. The theory being, the more windows down and the faster you go, the cooler it gets. The 480 is pretty cool and it will get you to where you are going pretty fast… if you don’t crash or get a ticket that is. Of course I recommend driving within the posted speed limits, obeying all traffic laws and wearing safety goggles or some sort of eye protection under windy conditions.
    I had a great time at the balloonfest/weekend. Thanks agian for putting me up and putting up with me! Say howdy to everyone for me. I wish you all the best with your cars!
    Good luck and God Bless!

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