Locker Room Talk

I am not one to quickly jump into political conversations, but this election cycle has twisted my gears a little quite a bit more than usual. Specifically one candidate and the manner in which they communicate with people. I’m pretty sure you can guess by the title of this post that I’m referencing Donald J Trump.

I will preface this with the statement that I have never been a Trump fan. I never liked The Apprentice. I never like the way he presented himself or spoke to people then and it has only snowballed into the man person he is today. An arrogant, self-centered, egotistical human being that somehow seems to think it’s ok to step on anyone who doesn’t worship him they way he does himself.

From the very beginning of this election cycle, Trump has shown his true self to us time and again. Fast forward to this past weekend and a tape is released of him from several years ago saying some simply awful things about how he believes women should be treated. AND THEN he has the stones to say it’s no big deal, it’s just what people say. As if somehow whatever thoughts and words he has about sexually assaulting and demeaning women in private or ok because the public can’t hear them!

Mr. Trump… Are you serious? Are you really going to stand in front of us and tell us that what you said is just “locker room talk” and it’s OK because these are just things people say? Really? You actually believe that all guys in locker rooms around America are just sitting around talking like this?!?!?

You’re dead wrong. It’s not OK. As an athlete who has spent plenty of time in a locker room, I want to be very clear that the way Donald Trump is speaking about women and in particular his comments recently released and his apology response to them have been incredibly offensive.

Please don’t casually toss aside your remarks of sexual assault like it was not big deal. Respectable people don’t “just say these things.” The locker rooms I have been in, from high school, through college and into the world of professional sports, have not been full of this type of talk. And if it was heard, it was not approved of. It only showed what type of man that person was.

These are the thoughts and words of a man who is not a man. These are the thoughts and words of a person who has no regard for human feelings; of someone with no integrity; of someone who believes perceived power means he can take what he wants, when he wants, because he wants it and it doesn’t matter if people get hurt.
These are the thoughts and words of a man who has no chivalry; who cannot woo a woman through his character and actions but has to take his prize by force.

This. Is. Disgusting.

Trump says they are just words but words matter. They can build people up. They can tear people down. Words create reality. They become actions.

Our words don’t just fall out of our mouths with no point of origin either. Those words start as thoughts and those thoughts come from somewhere. My personal belief is that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. Trump’s flow is polluted. It can only be cleaned by one thing and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus allowed his blood to flow, draining him of life, so that he could be the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of this world. My sins. Your sins. Donald’s sins. He is no better or worse than I am. We both need the atonement of Jesus’ blood.

So, I pray for Trump. I pray for this country. I pray for myself and all of us, that we would not be hateful or spiteful but rather heart broken. I pray that we would have discernment and wisdom in this election to choose a leader that will guide this country with honesty and integrity.

These are my thoughts. I couldn’t sit and stew and couch comment any longer. And while I am obviously not endorsing Trump, and in no way endorse Hillary Clinton either. Which leads me to an incredibly frustrating conundrum come November 8th.

So please join me. Pray. Vote. Do something. Don’t be silent.

Successful People

This post by Chloe Chong over at Lifehack really stuck out to me today. Over the past 5 years, I felt like this was me. In order to get ahead and be on top of my game at work I had to work on the weekends. Email, business development, documentation, proposals, etc.
Looking back, I’m pretty certain that it was a combination of poor time management and perception of doing more. Not that I wanted other people to perceive that I was doing more, but my own skewed perception that it took more time than I had in the week to do what I need to and therefore I had to do more over the weekend.
Having recently started a new job at a new organization I am consciously choosing to moderate my workday and be efficient in the hours I dedicate to work so that I can be more present with family and friends when I’m with them.
I like this list and already do several things on it. Sleeping is one that I need to do better at, as well as exercising. I do enjoy family and friends and try to be outside in nature as much as I can.
I encourage you to take something from this list and try it out this weekend.

Lunch Lesson

That is the note Mrs. King left me today in my lunch box. I know, I know… I’m a grown man with a lunch box, but budgets, ya know?

But back to that note. I open my lunch today and there it is. As beautiful as if I was looking directly into her face. It’s her on a Post-It. The handwriting. The heart. All of it is her and I feel special. Here’s why. She doesn’t have to do this. I would dare to say she doesn’t have the time to do this. Getting herself ready for the day, preparing to teach our kids, running errands, being mom, she doesn’t have extra time to do this.

But she does.

Every now and then, she drops a note in my lunch, or my suitcase when I travel, or my work bag; and I get these little surprises that make me smile. She reminds me of how much she loves me, just how much I mean to her. Today, she even took the time to put the lunch together.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of responsibility she takes on. The level of responsibility that I’m certain would break me, she lifts onto her shoulders like Atlas. It is a one of the many reasons that I not only lover her but respect her. I am keenly aware that her daily work is not only more difficult than mine, but more significant too. She is consistently making her mark on the Kingdom and it couldn’t be more lovely.

Thank you, Mrs. King, for making my day. Today and every day.