we’re back!

After a server attack and a long hiatus, justuskings.com is back up and running. Thanks to my buddy Everett for helping make that happen.
We are getting closer and closer to having another mouth to feed. I believe it’s officially 9 days away now. Kristie is so uncomfortable that it’s making me squirm.
Caleb loves talking to the ‘new baby’ as we’ve been calling this one. I’m not sure what Emmry is going to do yet. She’s been sick lately and really cranky. We’ll see.
Anyway, that’s the quick version of what’s going on with is lately. There will be pictures up here when the new baby arrives, so check back around February 1st!

31 weeks…

can you believe it?! i am already 31 weeks pregnant. it feels like we just found out we were expecting baby number 3 and here i am 7-8 weeks away from delivery!

a lot has happened since my last post. yes, we still don’t know the gender of this baby, which at first frustrated me since i have been known to be quite the planner and controller over situations. but God continues to refine me daily and letting go of control is certainly an area that He continues to remind me that He is “I AM” and kristie is, “I AM NOT!” needless to say i have been getting excited about the surprise.

andy thinks this baby is a boy and if i had to commit to saying what i thought “new baby”, as caleb calls he/she, is – well i would say it’s a girl. months ago our doctor asked us if caleb had an opinion about the baby’s gender. she said that siblings are usually pretty accurate. ever since that day we have asked caleb, “are you having a brother or a sister?” and EVERY time he replies, “just a baby!” you can’t even be tricky in asking him because he ALWAYS says, “we are just having a baby.” i guess he doesn’t want the possible burden of being wrong or he does know but doesn’t want us to find out. 🙂

as this baby continues to grow in my womb, my other little loves continue to grow too! caleb turned 3 just 2 weeks ago and emmry turned 1 last week. i cannot believe it! i just blinked and 3 years went by just like that. i can’t even think about the fact that i will still feel this way when they graduate from high school and college. they are such blessings to andy and i and they bring us so much JOY. God is so gracious to give us these little gifts from heaven with another one on the way.

no such luck

After our second visit to the doctor for an ultra-sound, we still have no idea what we are having!
This time the baby had it’s hand covering the important parts. And if it moved, the foot went in it’s place. Very frustersting.
Kristie should tell you all how she’s feeling about it.
So it looks like this one’s going to be a surprise at birth!

second chance

We’re going back for a second ultra-sound next week. The doctor needs to see a couple things they couldn’t see on the last one and we’ll get another chance to find out the sex! Hopefully this time the baby cooperates.
Kristie and I will probably go on a lunch date afterwards. I’m looking forward to knowing. There’s been some anxiety about going to 3 I think. It will be good to know what we are going to be facing.