Fitness Quest

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I have a desire to be fit for my family’s sake. I want to be able to run and wrestle with them while they are young. I don’t want to die early or be a burden in my old age because of my health, as long as I can help it.

That is why I have done 2 things to push me in the right direction this year.

First: I stopped eating sweets/junk. Items that fall into this category are candy, cookies, donuts, cake, cinnamon roles, high sugar items, fast food, etc. I stopped. Cold turkey. It’s not even an “in moderation” thing for me. These foods are like alcohol to an alcoholic for me. If I have one of these, it will lead to another and another and pretty soon, I’ll be eating a dozen cookies in one sitting. Ewww…. Not anymore!

Second: I have joined a cross fit gym. I signed up for the whole year. It has been just the thing that I needed. The unity, the push, the competition, it’s all so familiar and exactly what I was missing from previous workouts. It’s hard. Sometimes really hard but I like it.
And I payed for it, so I’m not sleeping through it. I go at 5am 3x/week. As a by product, the extra time after my workout before work starts is all mine to be quiet and read/pray before I start my workday.

I have goals around this that I’m still evaluating, but I will post those when they’re set. I’m already trending in the right direction!

Headed in the right direction!
Headed in the right direction!

What are you doing to make yourself better right now?

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