Getting Healthy


That’s a lot of me. The most me there’s ever been of me.
It’s a little scary. I don’t feel great, physically, and I don’t want it getting any worse.

I want to be able to wrestle with my kids and get up and down off the floor without trouble.
I want to run with my kids and not get tired.
I want to pick them up and swing them around.
I want to play softball or flag football and not turn into a hot mess.
Plus, Mrs. King is continuously telling me she wants me around for a long time, so I’m doing something about it.

This week I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. 24 days of eating the right way, getting active and getting healthy. I need to create some better habits that are obtainable and sustainable.

The first 2 days have gone very well. I’ve reduced my portions and stayed away from fried foods, sugars, bad fats, Etc.
My favorite part so far is the Spark energy drink. It gets things going in the morning and keeps them going in the afternoon. And, believe it or not, my salads for lunch have been pretty good.

The best part is, I’ve already started to lose weight. So, what have you done to get yourself in shape?

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