Getting Healthy

It has now been almost 5 years since I have played football, and I’m still at my playing weight. You may think, “Hey, that’s great. You haven’t gained a bunch of extra weight.” The truth is that 322lbs is not a healthy weight for a 31 year old man, husband, and father of 4 (5 and under).

So, I recently started working out again and today I begin eating a better diet with a Protein Sparing Modified Fasting Diet (PSMF). 350g of protein a day and no carbs. I’m doing this with the help of a nutritionist and it only lasts a few weeks. After that, we will modify accordingly. The goal for me is two fold. First, I would like to lose weight, but really cut body fat. Getting back to about 17% would feel really good and probably put me at a weight somewhere in the neighborhood of 275, a weight I have not seen since my junior year of high school!
Second, I want to be functional in day to day life. I want to be able to get up and down to play with my kids. I do a pretty good job of this right now, but if I’m not careful I could end up with some real problems.

If you see me around, ask how I’m doing. I’m going to need some accountability on this one. It should be interesting, but much needed.

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