Magnolia Tree

E and I had a date yesterday. It was one of the best kid dates I’ve been on so far. We painted this magnolia tree at Merlot and a Masterpiece in Downtown Bloomington.We laughed and encouraged each other while we painted, all while enjoying a ginger beer.

Isn’t her painting beautiful? The teacher held up her painting to the class and commented on her choice of color for her magnolia blossoms. She loved the way the popped out against her dark background. E was so proud!

E is so patient with her art. I loved watching her paint. She took her time, carefully mixing the colors she wanted and then gently spreading them on the canvas.
Her new favorite brush is the fan brush. We used it to make our grass and magnolia blossoms.

E told me that she would never forget this day. I won’t either. It is a treasure stored up in my heart. This little girl won’t be so little much longer. Like it or not she’s growing up and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

But I don’t want to either. I want to see her grow and blossom, just like those beautiful magnolia blossoms. I want her to be full of Light to make the world around her more beautiful. She’ll eventually leave the tree and go where God directs her.

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