Merry Christmas 2016

Thanks to our friend Summer Knobloch for this great photo!

Merry Christmas!

Here we are again. Another year gone by and so many things have happened. So many in fact that we are running late on getting this posted. But, Christmas is still a few days away, so here you go! This year we will be giving to Preemptive Love again instead of paying for printing. Currently they are doing amazing work in Aleppo with all that’s going on there, helping so many people. Please visit their website and read about all the ways they are impacting their world in a positive way. We’ve been thrilled to support them over the years.

Our family, like many of yours, has spent the last few weeks observing Advent which means Coming. It’s the time before Christmas where we set our hearts and our minds on the purest gift of all, Jesus. Who, being fully God, humbled himself to come to live among us as a man to provide The Way. This perfect world God has created is meant for his Glory, and so are we! He loves us with an unending, unbreakable, unbending, unstoppable, amazing love and He shares that love for us through Jesus. That is what we celebrate at Christmas, the coming of Jesus and the breaking through of God’s love into the world. You can start to explore this story in the second chapter of Luke in the Bible.

We have really come to enjoy this form of Christmas greeting. We weren’t letter people before this, but always found other people’s letters exciting to read. It’s fun to see how families grow and change over the years. Now it’s fun to sit and reflect on what has transpired in our family over the last 12 months. One thing you’ll notice is that Andy’s mom, Gail is in our picture this year. You may have read a few months ago that she came to live with us after being re-diagnosed with stage IV reoccurrence of her breast cancer from 6 years ago that has spread to many other organs. We are blessed to have her with us and celebrate spending this Christmas season with her.

So, here’s to 2017. May it bring you and your family closer together, may you experience true joy and happiness, and may you give of yourselves as much or more than you receive!

Merry Christmas with love,

Andy, Kristie, Caleb, Emmry, Ansley, Briar, Otis, Mabel and Gail

The Best Of 2016 In A List

  • 13 years of marriage in the books and Mr. & Mrs. King took a trip to Nashville and tried almost every restaurant in town. AMAZING!
  • Andy started a new job at GROWMARK. It’s a great fit and very challenging. (Also, he can have a beard!)
  • We took a family vacation for a week on a houseboat at our new favorite lake in AR thanks to Grandma Davis. We had a blast and you may find us there next summer too!
  • Andy coached Caleb’s basketball team and discovered basketball is not his best sport (go figure!). Caleb played like a champ.
  • Out of our 6 ducklings, only 1 is left. Jeremiah survived all the hardship of being a duck only to escape our yard and take up residence on a local lake. We’re sure he’s pretty happy.
  • Emmry got her braces off and her ears pierced!
  • Caleb continues to bless us with his serving nature, always looking for ways to help out. His cookie business, is doing great and providing an excellent homeschool experience in entrepreneurship.
  • Ansley’s cat, Clementine, had 2 litters of kittens. That’s right, 2! We had so much fun playing with kittens and we’re glad to know they went to good homes.
  • We kept 1 of the kittens. His name is Kwazii. He is a couch potato and probably the best cat since Milton. Love him!
  • Briar is learning how to read and is loving math. She is also loosing lots of teeth.
  • Otis has a rampant imagination that goes on for days and we love watching him pretend. His favorites are super heroes and playing mom and dad with his bestie, Mabel.
  • Mabel moved into Emmry’s room this summer and they love being roommates.
  • The 3 older girls pooled their money and bought a bunny from the fair, which they hope to one day breed and sell baby bunnies for Easter gifts. Stay tuned.