Lunch Lesson

That is the note Mrs. King left me today in my lunch box. I know, I know… I’m a grown man with a lunch box, but budgets, ya know?

But back to that note. I open my lunch today and there it is. As beautiful as if I was looking directly into her face. It’s her on a Post-It. The handwriting. The heart. All of it is her and I feel special. Here’s why. She doesn’t have to do this. I would dare to say she doesn’t have the time to do this. Getting herself ready for the day, preparing to teach our kids, running errands, being mom, she doesn’t have extra time to do this.

But she does.

Every now and then, she drops a note in my lunch, or my suitcase when I travel, or my work bag; and I get these little surprises that make me smile. She reminds me of how much she loves me, just how much I mean to her. Today, she even took the time to put the lunch together.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of responsibility she takes on. The level of responsibility that I’m certain would break me, she lifts onto her shoulders like Atlas. It is a one of the many reasons that I not only lover her but respect her. I am keenly aware that her daily work is not only more difficult than mine, but more significant too. She is consistently making her mark on the Kingdom and it couldn’t be more lovely.

Thank you, Mrs. King, for making my day. Today and every day.

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