coach king

I spend my tuesday afternoon assisting the offensive line coach at Parkway South high school down the street from my house. I am having the best time with it.
Yesterday, I was working with our right tackle on pass pro. He used his hands well, and made a good block but he was catching. I told him I wanted him to use his hands as weapons and explode them on the defensive ends chest. I coached him up, he did what I asked, and he BLEW UP the d-end! It was AWESOME!

I love coaching.

could this be the end?

The van died again.
Kristie was driving it on Sunday and it just died. She was able to pull it into a driveway where no one lived and then I had to go back and push it into a Target parking lot. There she sits.
The oil pressure light is lit up but the oil level is fine. On Sunday, it started and chugged out for a second. Yesterday it wouldn’t even start. It’s trying,but no luck. Looks like I’m getting it towed today. Hopefully the place I’ve been recommended to is reputible and not expensive. We’ll see.
I did find a nice used Honda Odyssey with low mileage that could be an option. That sure would be nice.

a sign of things to come?

we went to the doctor yesterday to have an ultrasound and find out what sex our baby is.  when it came to the big moment, he/she was very uncooperative.  there the baby was, sitting cross-legged with the feet right where we needed to look!  little stinker, i hope this isn’t evident of a stubborn personality.

anyway, we’ll have to wait a couple weeks to try again.  the sonographer could not get a clear picture of the face either because the baby had it’s hand up in the way.   we’ll get rescanned next time we’re in.

so, no news for now.  we’ll keep you up to date.

tossin’ cookies

Caleb had his first ‘Big Boy’ throw-up last night. Unfortunetly it was at Nana and Pop’s house in his sleeping bag.

It was probably around 1:30am and Caleb had asked to go potty. We got up and went, but when he laid down he started acting funny, wanting to be held and kind of whining/crying. Kristie got down to tuck him in and that’s when it happened. His sleeping bag and mommy got it.

He feels great this morning. We’re not sure where that came from. Maybe too much junky food this weekend.