when i grow up

i was sitting around with Caleb the other day playing dominoes when i asked him a question.

“Caleb, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“a Daddy!”

“oh yeah, what kind of Daddy do you want to be?”

“like you!”

that is so awesome, and scary.  that means that i have to be a good daddy; not that i wasn’t planning on it anyway.  i love this about Caleb though.  he also says that he wants to be a “big daddy”.

that’s some huge responsibility being a daddy.  i’m setting an example and trying to balance that with discipline.  i pray that God will bless me with wisdom to teach Caleb and that he will gain understanding through me (Proverbs 4:1).  i love the little man.  he is so much fun right now.  i can’t wait to take him fishing and go camping, ride bikes, play catch, and all those fun activities.

Lord, please give me wisdom and patience to be the kind of father your children deserve.  Help me to discipline with love and teach righteousness.  Guide my actions so I am a good example for my children.  Help me to be an excellent husband so that my son will know how to treat a woman and my daughter will understand how she deserves to be treated.