I’m not quite sure how it came up, but lil’ O started saying “mustache” if you put your finger up to your nose. It may have come from the mustache party we threw him when he turned 2. I don’t know. 
What I do know is that now he loves mustaches! We even bought him some sweet mustache PJs the other day. So when I got him up from his nap the other day and he puts his finger up to his nose and shouts “mustache!” I knew that I had to do something. We drew these mustaches on our fingers and spent the day showing off our mustaches to anyone who would take a look.

It’s the little things.

Follow Through

As a parent, I am careful to be mindful of my children’s responses to my actions/attitude/words on a daily basis.

One thing that I try and pay close attention to is the hearts of my children. Not the bleeding one, but the fragile, emotional one that parents tend to forget about. The one that is ripped and torn when we raise our voice too often. The one that is bruised when a parent cuts a child down or embarrasses them in front of others. The one that gets kicked a little harder every time we say “not this time buddy” or “I know I said that we would do that, but I just can’t right now.”
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