I had a fun weekend. We played, we ate, we stayed up late with family and friends. We even had a party to celebrate 4 new babies, 1 each to me and my 3 brothers, in the last eight months.

But now it’s Monday and I’m ready for battle!

I have to come out swinging from the weekend. A slow Monday has the potential to derail an entire week and that can’t happen. So I show up with a plan of attack and I execute.

Do you have a plan for attacking Mondays? What is it?

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I hate my pool

I never had any intention of getting a pool. Ever. But when we recently moved, the house we bought came with a pool. A pool that nobody had taken care of since last summer.


So now I’m filtering, vacuuming, scrubbing, chlorinating, trying to get this thing swimmable for the crew before summer ends.
It’s a love hate relationship.

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