Fathers, our words are a chisel. In the right hands they can make a master piece. In the hands of a fool, they can make a monster.

Be careful what words you choose to describe your children. It’s likely that they will fulfill those words as they grow up.

Sweet Daddy

Actual photo

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of great compliments from my middle daughter. She’s 3 and apparently she thinks that I’m the greatest thing ever, which I honestly hope she never stops thinking.

It started with “You’re so sweet, Daddy” in the most soft and innocent voice. Throw in some “Daddy, I love you” and “I really love you” and then top it all off with the most recent proclamation, “Daddy, you’re so strong!”

I’m loving this! I mean, who can resist the soft voice of their 3 year old daughter with bright eyes and a glowing smile? Hmm…? No one, that’s who. She gets me all the time when I’m tucking her in with, “Daddy, will you snuggle with me?” YES!

Needless to say, I love my kids. And the more I love them, the less they will look for approval from other sources. Dads… be the source of your children’s love and show them that the source of your love is Jesus. Then, when the time is right, they will look to Jesus for love too.

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Flying Solo

New addition?

Mrs. King just spent the last week in Guatemala visiting orphanages and loving on orphans there. ¬†They kept a blog while they were there and you should check it out at Loving His Kids. I’m sure that she will have lots of stories to share with you when she gets home, in about 3 hours! Yes, I’m so excited!

But, while she was gone, that meant that I was here… by myself… with our 4 little people… playing the part of… you guessed it… DAD!

Yes, that’s right. Dad. Not “Mr. Mom” and I wasn’t “Babysitting.” I was being a father to our children.

Super Dad!

It was a great week too. I love these guys and I got to love them all day long. Was I tired at the end of the day? You bet. I still don’t know how Mrs. King gets all the things done that she does during the day. I respected her before this week and I still respect her now. She is one smart, tough, thoughtful, caring, joyful, enthusiastic Momma and I couldn’t imagine doing life without her.

That’s what I learned in this week. I never want to be without my bride. I need her to share my life. I missed her. And I can’t wait to get her back tonight.

A Father Makes All The Difference

I just finished this book, “The Difference a Father Makes” by Ed Tandy McGlasson, and it really encouraged me as a father. I loved it.

You make a difference

In his book, Ed speaks to fathers about “calling out the magnificent destiny in your children.” He tells of how his step father spoke into his life and gave him a defining moment of when he became a man.

His encouragement is to do this for your children, sons and daughters, building up to it starting early and culminating with a ceremonial event that will leave a lasting impression on your child’s heart. There should be no doubt in your child’s mind as to when he/she became a man/woman. Continue reading “A Father Makes All The Difference”