More Training

If you stick around here long enough, you will see that Mr. King and I are passionate about training our little people! One of the areas that we are training in is doing tasks/chores/upkeep of our “ship.” Three years ago we were conflicted about whether or not to give an allowance for bed making, room cleanliness, and the like. Today we stand in a much different place. Our family is a team. This team has to work together to maintain order and peace in our home. So EVERYONE has responsibilities depending on their age. Therefore we do not give an allowance for the upkeep in our home. However, we do reward or give an allowance for that which is above and beyond their day in day out “jobs.” They LOVE being able to receive money for helping Daddy with yard work and things of that sort!

Teaching these duties to our little people takes time and patience. It takes planning and organization. That brings me to the present. Yesterday I told little C that his new responsibility would be cleaning our bathroom. We use the acronym MAWL (model, assist, watch, leave) when training new tasks. I gave him a basket of the supplies he would need in order to do his job. (No more chemicals thanks to Norwex)

Basket of supplies

I also gave him photos of our bathroom, laminated them, and put them on a ring so that he can visually see what needs to be done and what product/cloth to use on that part of our bathroom. On the flip side I described what to do. This little check list of cards is also in his supply basket.

Side 1 of card


Side 2 of card

I excitedly told little C he was responsible enough to have the privilege of helping out our family by maintaining cleanliness in our bathroom. He is also responsible for keeping our bathroom stocked with toilet paper, tissues, and soap. (Also in his cards.) I was amazed at how excited he was to learn this new task! I modeled how to clean while he watched, eager to do it on his own. I could sense his pride and ownership of an area of our home that was fully “his responsibility!”

I am looking forward to the day when I can “leave” little C to this without assistance.

Cheers to one more thing off of my load and all the while teaching and training my little people.

~Mrs. King~