I’ll be your Prince Charming…

Will you dance with me?

E – “Who will be my Prince Charming?”

Mommy – “I don’t know sweety, who?”

E- “Daddy will be Prince Charming!”

Me – “Oh, Sweety, I’ll be your Prince Charming until another Prince Charming comes to take your heart.”

That’s it fellas. She’s looking for a Prince Charming. Who is it going to be?

It better be you. Because if it’s not, someone else will step in to fill the gap. Who knows what they’ll be like. How they will treat your little princess? What they will say to her? How they will make her feel?

These are all important questions that you need to ask. Of yourself. How are you treating her? How are you treating her Mom? What kinds of things to you say to her? How do you make her feel?

You will be who she compares every other boy to. Good or bad. She’ll either want someone just like you or absolutely NOT like you. That’s going to be up to you and how you handle this precious little girl God has given you.

So… Treat her like a princess. Build her up. Tell her how much she is worth and where that worth comes from. Show her how a lady should be treated and spoken to. Love her unconditionally.

Leave some big shoes for the next Prince Charming to fill…