It’s about 2am on Monday night (Tuesday morning technically). I just spent the last 5 hours finally taking off the mower deck on my lawn tractor and assembling and installing my snow plow. You may wonder why I was doing this in the middle of the night… Well, I’m glad that you asked.

I procrastinated. It snowed here for the first time this winter. I have been telling myself ”You should really go buy that snow plow and get it installed while the weather is still nice.” But did I listen to myself?


Instead I waited until today, after work, to go buy the plow. I got the last one in stock. I then ate dinner with my family, put the kids to bed and proceeded to freeze myself out in the garage while I did what I should have done the weekend after I mowed for the last time.

The mower deck removal took longer than expected. The 1 part that needed disconnecting ws assembled differently that the manual stated. It took me a while to figure that out. Once I did, it was easily removed. The rest of the time was spent assembling the plow that I bought today and then installing it on the tractor itself.


I am proud to say that it works very well and is ready to push some snow in the morning. However, I did miss out on some things due to my poor planning.

  • I did not get to spend the time I wanted tucking in my kids. I hurried through bedtime so I could get started.
  • I did not get to talk with Kristie about an important topic we needed to discuss.
  • I did not get to read anything that I had planned on reading this evening.

And now, I am up late and have to get up earlier than normal in order to plow the snow that I could have plowed tonight if I had been prepared. This process could easily have been done in 2 steps, gone much quicker and been warmer if I had planned better.

What do we learn?

Men/Fathers, don’t procrastinate what can easily be done and plan ahead to be ready for events like the first snow of the season. You do not want to miss out on what is important to you, i.e. family time, quality time with your wife, hobby, etc, because you waited until the last minute to get something done. I know that I don’t like being in that situation. Yet I find myself there time and time again. I don’t like it. My wife doesn’t like it. My kids don’t like it. So why do we/I do it?

I think it boils down to thinking that there will time later. The fact is we don’t know if we will have time later. We don’t know if tomorrow is coming.


The snow is coming. Make the most of today. Don’t wait.

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