Remember Nivar?

Do you remember last year, when I bought these shoes through Buy Shoes. Save Lives. that saved a child’s life in Iraq?

These shoes saved a child's life

At the time I purchased my Klash the child who was going to receive surgery was named Nivar. I attached myself to this little girl because I could see her, follow her story and ultimately put a face with what I was supporting through my purchase.

Well, It’s been 10 months since Nivar’s surgery and I wanted to share a follow-up story that talks about how she is doing now. This picture below will take you to the article.

”]Remember Nivar?

You can get involved too. Visit Preemptive Love Coalition and see what they are doing to help change the lives of children in Iraq who are affected by heart disease. You can support their Remedy Missions which bring doctors into Iraq to do more surgeries in a month than they used to do in a year by taking kids to Israel and Turkey.

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