So We Wanted to Adopt, Now What?

At the beginning of the year we made an announcement that we were starting the adoption process. For a long time, adoption had been on our hearts and we wanted to be obedient to what we felt God leading us towards.

A couple months ago, we had started our home study paperwork and were starting to think about putting together our profile package required for a domestic adoption. That process was moving along well when we got the news that my mom’s breast cancer had come back.

A few years back, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought it, received treatment, and won. But now it’s back, and more ferocious. It’s spread to several organs and is stage 4. Terminal. I haven’t written that word down until now. It’s such an ugly word. I’ve said it a few times, but writing it makes it seem so permanent. I may write about her story a little more some other time and it has threads in this story, but for now, I want to focus on the topic of adoption.

As the news unfolded regarding my Mom’s diagnosis, several decisions had to be made. One of them was helping my Mom decide the best place for her to live going forward. This is where our adoption story takes a turn.

As Mrs. King and I looked at why we were adopting and what we felt God had put on our hearts, we know God was preparing us to take a new person into our home. Someone who needed help. If we were willing to do this for a baby or young child, why wouldn’t we be willing to do this for my mother? The answer was simple and we both came to it separately. One day Mrs. King calls me and says “I think we should let your mom know our house is open for her to move into.” I agreed. I had been thinking the same thing. So we offered and now she lives with us. Right now, the adoption is on hold. We will evaluate on an ongoing basis to see when that becomes an option again.

Sometimes God prepares us for things without our knowledge. Sometimes he uses one circumstance in our life to impact another. We had been preparing ourselves to bring home a baby, potentially one with special needs. God had led us to a place where we had peace about adding to our family, peace about taking on additional responsibility. All the while, He knew we would have to be ready for this moment. Capable of opening our home to someone who really needed it.

We are blessed by the presence of my mother. I only pray that it is a blessing to her and helps her to heal, to fight, to endure. I am thankful for the role she has played in my life and in my family’s life. My kids adore her and she has been a friend to my wife. I will treasure these days, as long as they last.