Successful People

This post by Chloe Chong over at Lifehack really stuck out to me today. Over the past 5 years, I felt like this was me. In order to get ahead and be on top of my game at work I had to work on the weekends. Email, business development, documentation, proposals, etc.
Looking back, I’m pretty certain that it was a combination of poor time management and perception of doing more. Not that I wanted other people to perceive that I was doing more, but my own skewed perception that it took more time than I had in the week to do what I need to and therefore I had to do more over the weekend.
Having recently started a new job at a new organization I am consciously choosing to moderate my workday and be efficient in the hours I dedicate to work so that I can be more present with family and friends when I’m with them.
I like this list and already do several things on it. Sleeping is one that I need to do better at, as well as exercising. I do enjoy family and friends and try to be outside in nature as much as I can.
I encourage you to take something from this list and try it out this weekend.