The Thought of Traveling

Mrs. King and I have thought about pulling up the stakes and hitting the road with our crew on and off again for the last few years. Ever since we moved into our current home really. It’s not that we don’t like our home or the neighborhood. We love where we live. It’s not even really suburban; it’s more country suburban, with room to run and play without too much to worry about. 

It’s more that we long for adventure. We dream of seeing God’s creation with our own eyes in person rather than through pictures and stories. We want to take our homeschooling into the wild and learn geography and history in the places they really exist.  

Who knows what that looks like for us. We’re not even sure. But we keep talking about it, which makes me believe that it’s important. This post from Ditching Suburbia’s Instagram account got me thinking about it again today. 

We had our house in the suburbs for 14 years. A lot happened in those 14 years. Both our kids were born. I went from working at a small software shop to getting the “retirement job” at a large local corporation. I spent evenings and weekends working on old Jeeps in my garage. We started homeschooling the kids. In the winter we borrowed a snow blower from one elderly widowed neighbor, another elderly widowed neighbor paid for the gas, and we provided the labor to clear all three driveways. We were plugged in to local churches – first a large one then a smaller one. We camped in the summer time. It was everything we imagined family life to be. Somewhere in there we realized it was all we imagined mainly because it was all we knew. We both grew up in pretty normal suburban settings. We never thought our own family life would be any different. Somewhere the idea to load the family in an RV and travel fulltime came into our world. Only then did we notice how our “secure” life was limiting. It was only after thinking about moving that we noticed the chains. The suburbs aren’t evil. You can have a good life there. But be there on purpose. Don’t settle for that life if it’s not really making you happy. Because those chains? They come off.

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