tossin’ cookies

Caleb had his first ‘Big Boy’ throw-up last night. Unfortunetly it was at Nana and Pop’s house in his sleeping bag.

It was probably around 1:30am and Caleb had asked to go potty. We got up and went, but when he laid down he started acting funny, wanting to be held and kind of whining/crying. Kristie got down to tuck him in and that’s when it happened. His sleeping bag and mommy got it.

He feels great this morning. We’re not sure where that came from. Maybe too much junky food this weekend.

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  1. This reminds me of that old generational addage handed down from parent to child; “I hope your kids throw-up just like you!” … or something like that. Close enough.
    I remember we were out of town one time, in a little motel room, when Kris redecorated the room and everyone in it. I never believed it possible for one little kid to throw-up so much! Wow, what a mess.
    Sorry Kris. This is one of those stories I really enjoyed hearing about, but really glad I wasn’t there for…

  2. dad,

    you are too funny… after caleb’s throw-up incident, i had to clue andy in that i use to awake in the middle of the night to throw-up all the time and nobody ever really knew why. i guess it is “generational!” 🙂

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